Monday, August 27, 2012


Hello and welcome to my class.  I know that Math is not everyone's favorite thing.  Some think it is hard, some think it is boring, some like it ok but don't really see the point.  All of this is fine with me.  I don't expect you to love math, it does not hurt my feelings if you don't; I didn't make it up. What I do expect from you is an open mind and your best and honest effort each day you come to class.  In turn,  I promise to give you as much support as I can, show you that not every problem has just one way to solve it and hopefully make some of the hard things not so hard anymore.
    This year you will be given various tasks to complete using a computer and this will be the place to find them.  Sometimes you will watch a video; sometimes you will respond to questions I post.   Every time, you will be responsible for bringing information you learned and questions you have back to class.

For your first Blog assignment, please complete the short questionnaire below.  

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